Lindsay Goldberg is a private investment firm that focuses on partnering with businesses to help facilitate long-term growth and value creation. Lindsay Goldberg has $10 billion of equity capital under management. Its current fund of $4.7 billion has a 20-year life, consistent with Lindsay Goldberg’s long-term approach to business building.

Lindsay Goldberg’s goal is to be the best possible partner for entrepreneurs and business owners who seek long-term capital to fulfill a growth strategy while maintaining a reputation of excellence. Success at Lindsay Goldberg is defined by significant growth in business size and scope, competitiveness and strategic value. Lindsay Goldberg believes that building a business takes time. It can invest capital in a business for up to 10 years, twice the duration of must funds, and it can be a partner in a business for up to 20 years, twice the duration of most funds. Lindsay Goldberg helps companies play offense instead of reacting to markets and competitors.

Lindsay Goldberg knows that markets and competitors rarely stand still. Its approach facilitates better adaptation to a shifting strategic landscape. As a result, Lindsay Goldberg has an exemplary track record of proactively building businesses through strategic acquisitions, product extensions and geographic expansion. Lindsay Goldberg has collectively invested in more than 150 follow-on acquisitions, which, when combined with its initial equity investments, represent approximately $21 billion of enterprise value. Lindsay Goldberg also supports other value enhancing strategies such as internal capital investment, production efficiency programs, geographic expansion, product line extensions and investment in new plant and equipment.

Other Projects

Lindsay Goldberg’s development of the Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage project through SEMCO Energy and ENSTAR exemplifies its collaborative approach to working with its partners. Cook Inlet Natural Gas Alaska LLC, (“CINGSA”) was formed in 2010 to pursue the construction and operation of an 11 Bcf natural gas storage facility in Kenai, Alaska. The project became operational in late fall of 2012. CINGSA is 65 percent owned by SEMCO, 26 percent by MidAmerican, 5 percent by First Alaskan Capital Partners and 5 percent by Cook Inlet Region, Inc., an Alaskan Native Corporation. CINGSA received a certificate of public convenience and necessity (“CPCN”) from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska in January 2011 to build and operate a storage facility that would provide underground natural gas storage for four public utilities operating in the Anchorage, Alaska area: