Who We Are

Powerlink Transmission Company is an independent company that acquires, develops and invests in electric transmission systems. Formed in 2011 by many of the co-founders of Trans-Elect, the first independent transmission company in the U.S., Powerlink has a singular focus on using its expertise and resources in ways that improve the performance and reliability of these systems. Through Powerlink’s efforts, utilities and their customers benefit from more efficient and reliable delivery of electricity.

Powerlink brings a flexible approach to its investments and its relationships with its partners and customers. The company can take a highly participative role in developing and operating projects. When the conditions are right, however, Powerlink will work through its partners and customers to jointly accomplish their goals.

Private-equity firm Lindsay Goldberg is the financial sponsor of Powerlink’s efforts. Lindsay Goldberg takes a long-term view with its investments. With $10 billion of equity capital under management, Lindsay Goldberg has significant expertise in the energy industry. Its current and previous investments include natural gas pipelines and local distribution companies, electric utilities and electric transmission systems.

Powerlink Transmission Company’s leadership team includes, from left, Keith Buckman, Director; Fred Buckman, Jr., Senior Vice President; Fred Buckman, Sr., Chairman and CEO; Michael Hamilton, Senior Vice President; and Alan Statman, Senior Vice President and General Counsel.